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Afternoon Dust Up

Difficulty: Length: 2 hours Cost: $49/person Location: South Bozeman foothills

Join us as we explore some of the lesser known trails in South Bozeman. Our expert guides know all the best paths and there are plenty of ways for even the beginner mountain biker to enjoy themselves.

Mountainside Picnic

Difficulty: Length: 4 hours Cost: $79/person Location: Chestnut Mountain

A healthy, fueling lunch is provided when we take you to the top of nearby Chestnut Mountain. After eating and enjoying the view, our guides take you on a thrilling descent down the mountainside.

Mountain Biking 101

Difficulty: Length: 2.5 hours Cost: $59/person Location: Snowfill Recreation Area

New to mountain biking and not sure if it's right for you? Meet us at Snowfill Recreation Area and let us show you the ropes. Our experienced guides will set you up with one of our bicycles for the tour and teach you the basics of conquering the trails.

Sunset Escapade

Difficulty: Length: 3 hours Cost: $49/person Location: Bridger Canyon trails

We start our outing at the base of Bridger Canyon as dusk approaches. Our guides take you on trails that only get more picturesque as the darkness gets thicker. We reach our scenic overlook at Green Mountain just as the sun dips down below the hills. Watch the sunset with us and enjoy light refreshments.